Carsales Wins Supreme Court Case For Carguide’s Misleading Ad Campaign

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The Victorian Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Limited that competitor’s recent advertising campaign is misleading or deceptive.

The Court ruled that the extensive media campaign across television, radio, newspapers and billboards made a number of representations which were misleading or deceptive. advertising campaign included a stunt involving a lightning embossed blimp that was positioned over the Carsales head office in Melbourne, with an accompanying billboard saying: “Let lightning strike those who sell your contact details to dealers.” Ltd CEO Greg Roebuck said: “We saw the campaign as trying to damage the relationship of trust that carsales has established with consumers over many years. We see this decision as a win for both us and the consumer, who will now not be subjected to these misleading advertisements.”

carsales’ began legal action after the campaign was first aired on June 15.

“We asked to stop but it refused. Instead of resorting to tactics similar to those employed by in their advertising, we chose to take the matter through appropriate legal channels,” said Roebuck.

“ has tried to paint itself as David in a battle with Goliath, when this is simply not the case. is owned by News Corp Australia and some of the largest car dealerships in Australia. We are pleased with this outcome and expect that it will lead to take a different and more reasonable and balanced approach to its advertising campaigns in the future.”

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