Carsales Helps Make Kids Automotive Dreams Come True

Carsales Helps Make Kids Automotive Dreams Come True

While the new stars of’s content series may not be old enough to drive, they each have an active imagination and some zany ideas for the cars of the future.

For the launch of Carpool, carsales’ new automotive lifestyle destination, the video series showcases four children describing their outlandish dream cars while automotive illustrator James Bailey, of fame, interprets their wacky concepts on paper.

Eight-year-old Zara’s dream car, The Blue Berrynator, looks and tastes just how you think it will – like a big juicy blueberry. Trailed by a clutch of chickens, the fruity automobile also features strawberry headlights and a sparkling golden crown.

Ethan’s cheerful vehicle, The Smiley Face, has a weird nose, big green eyes and vents for teeth. The nine-year-old’s car drives itself, flying high above the traffic at 150km per hour. Unfortunately, James found it difficult to realise Ethan’s whole vision, forgetting that The Smiley Face also has the capabilities to cook chicken and rice.

Social butterfly Lara, aged 10, had partying on her mind when she designed The Cylinder. With seats made from fake leather, a slide landing in a gold and silver ball pit and a multi-coloured confetti machine, her party bus is an absolute hoot.

Seven-year-old Leo came up with The Fancy Dancy, which has 100 wheels and big red boosters at the back for extra power. The fanciness, however, comes from the massive jumping castle housed on the roof, which will provide hours of fun for Leo and his mates.

Zara, Ethan, Lara and Leo’s dream vehicles are just a fantasy in 2017 buy they might one day be available on carsales, Australia’s number one online destination for buying and selling cars. While the kids are daydreaming, their parents can find their ideal cars among carsales’ huge selection of vehicles for adults and big kids alike.

Jump onto Carpool at to watch Zara, Ethan, Lara and Leo’s unpredictable visions translated into James Bailey signature style of automotive illustration.

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