Carlton Dry’s “Kangabrew” Ad Accused Of Animal Cruelty

Carlton Dry’s “Kangabrew” Ad Accused Of Animal Cruelty

The Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has ruled against a social media campaign by Carlton Dry which featured a photograph of a small kangaroo reaching out to hold a bottle of beer, with the caption “Kangabrew”.

The image was sourced from user-generated content sent in by a fan to the Carlton Dry Facebook page on 31st October 2015. The image was also re-posted to the Carlton Dry Instagram with the hashtag ‘SeizeTheDry’ on 22nd January 2016.

A sample of the complainants: “This advertisement suggests giving alcohol to animals. This is cruel and constitutes animal abuse. In no way does this need to be encouraged. The caption “Kangabrew” suggests the beer is made for kangaroos, which may also encourage people to give beer to other animals for a laugh, again, this is animal cruelty.”

The advertisers, Carlton and United Breweries, said the images have already been removed from Carlton Dry Instagram and Facebook page.

In its rulings the Advertising Standards Board “noted the complainant’s concern that the advertisement could encourage people to give alcohol to animals and considered that by depicting an image of a kangaroo being handed a bottle of beer the advertisement does appear to condone this behaviour.

“The Board noted that the tagline is ‘kangabrew’ and considered that the light-hearted nature of the advertisement does not detract from the overall depiction of an animal with alcohol.

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