Cannes UnCanned: Agile Marketing – Driving Growth In An Age Of Uncertainty

Cannes UnCanned: Agile Marketing – Driving Growth In An Age Of Uncertainty

Tam Al-Saad is the Head of Growth at Webprofits, a Digital Growth Consultancy. In this Cannes UnCanned session, Al-Saad discusses the benefits of agile marketing, and driving growth in an age of uncertainty…

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said, “Change is the only constant in life.”

This adage certainly rings true during this turbulent, COVID-19 era. Not to mention on a national level the January bushfires, recessions and elections. It is also true on an industry level, such as the Royal Commission, changing legislation, new competitors, new offers and so on.

The world of marketing is also constantly changing. From new tech to changing consumer behaviour, the marketing industry is never stagnant, but uncertainty can make driving growth difficult.

And now, COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, possibly forever. The question becomes: how do we adapt and grow businesses during a period of so much uncertainty?

Al-Saad said the first thing to do is not panic. He said: “Businesses and marketers have been dealing with change since the beginning of time. And that’s very much true in marketing as it is anywhere else. Change affects us on so many different levels. There’s always a lot of change. The market is used to dealing with it.

“But the beauty of agile marketing is that it does help you to adapt to those changes quicker and more effectively than other businesses, which is how you end up driving growth situations.”

What is agile marketing?

According to Al-Saad and Webprofits’ definition of agile marketing, it is the approach that enables brands to adapt their marketing to meet the evolving needs of their customer through the use of data and shared goals.

So why do brands often-times hold back from being agile? From competing internal goals and priorities, to not knowing what the customer wants, to lack of direction or insight into performance, there are many reason brands are not as agile as they could be. Brands also hold back simply because they’re afraid to fail.

How to adopt agile marketing

For brands who are just starting out with agile marketing, Al-Saad offered a five-step guide to help brands get started. To check out the full session, click here.

A big thanks to Webprofits for sponsoring the session, and all of our Cannes UnCanned sponsor.





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