Bushfire Survivors Tell Their Stories In Latest South Australian Country Fire Service Campaign Via Nation

Bushfire Survivors Tell Their Stories In Latest South Australian Country Fire Service Campaign Via Nation
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The stories of Black Summer have the power to change the way we all prepare and plan for bushfires.

After the worst bushfire event in our nation’s history, the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) had the task of helping communities heal while also encouraging them to think about the upcoming fire season.

COVID-19 meant that many Black Summer survivors hadn’t had the chance to connect with each other, talk about their lived experiences and unpack their complex emotions in the usual way.

However, the 2020/2021 campaign meant that some of them could. A series of interviews were facilitated to bring strangers together so they could discuss their learnings and a year like no other.

These same individuals appear across a 30 second commercial, highlighting their collective story, and also a number of 15 second spots where they deliver compelling messages around preparation, planning and staying informed.

‘We can all be bushfire ready’ unites all of the assets and accompanies the strong and successful call-to-action from the last couple of years about completing a five-minute bushfire plan.

Fiona Dunstan, Manager Information Operations at CFS says: “Given the events of Black Summer, it has been important for bushfire survivors to share their stories, so that others in the community can learn firsthand about how to prepare, plan and respond to a bushfire. We are very grateful for the time that people have taken to share their powerful stories with others.”

Nick Brz, NATION Creative Director says: “It was amazing to see the connection between the survivors – their lived experience provided the foundation for new friendships that look like continuing well beyond the campaign.”

Katheryn Korczak, NATION Head of Copy added: “Hearing their stories had an impact even on the crew, and by putting their accounts alongside some practical lessons, we’re certain at-risk residents across South Australia will start preparing for Summer.”

The full interviews will be appearing on the CFS YouTube channel and the campaign will be supported by radio, digital, press and outdoor.

Watch the videos here. 


Client: SA CFS.

Manager Information Operations – Fiona Dunstan

Communications Officer – Kathy Baklan

Agency: NATION.

Creative Director – Nick Brz

Head of Copy – Katheryn Korczak

Project Director/Agency Producer – Judi Oehme

Strategy Directors – Greg Knagge and Charlotte Clarke


Director – Ben Dowie (Firebox)

Director – Richard Jasek (Visualizm)

Photography – Richard Lyons


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