Burger King France Giving Away Potatoes At Drive-Thrus To Support Farmers

Burger King France Giving Away Potatoes At Drive-Thrus To Support Farmers

In order to support French potato farmers who can no longer sell their produce due to restaurant closures across France, Burger King is giving away bags of potatoes with every visit to a drive-thru.

From the minds of Paris-based creative agency Buzzman, the new campaign for Burger King France has seen the fast food chain buy 200 extra tons of potatoes. Since yesterday, Burger King has been giving away a one kilo bag of potatoes to each customer who visits a drive-thru.

It comes in a bid to help French potato farmers unable to sell their produce due to widespread restaurant closures across the nation, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

A campaign visible since yesterday is being supported in The Journal Du Dimanche French newspaper and on the brand’s social media network.

The operation will be available in all Burger King drive-thrus across France.

Source: Buzzman

With a message on each bag of potatoes, titled ‘We’re keeping French farmers feeling chipper’, Burger King writes:

With the restaurant sector in trouble, thousands of French farmers have found themselves unable to sell their produce. Among them, potato farmers have been left with tonnes of the crop on their hands.

We’ve decided to lend a hand by buying 200 extra tonnes of potatoes, and from 2 February, we’ll be giving away a one-kilo bag of potatoes with every visit to a drive-thru.

And you can help by making a resolution for 2021: to keep buying potatoes.

Wedges, hash browns, roast potatoes and mash—say yes to them all. For the love of spud, let’s make this new year a good one.

Dig in and learn more at burgerking.fr.

Credits for the campaign are as follows:

Burger King

Marketing director: Alexandre Simon

Product marketing officer: Carole Rousseau

Communication, public relations and CSR director: Muriel Reyss

Project manager: Anne Bermond


President and executive creative director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice president: Thomas Granger

Managing director: Julien Levilain

Art director: Margaux Hontang

Copywriter: Melvin Berréhouc

Head of account: Loïc Coelho

Account executive: Guillaume Lhoste

Head of social media: Julien Scaglione

Social media consultant: Félix Brunot

Social media consultant: Arnaud Cherbonnier

Head of PR & communication: Amélie Juillet

PR & communication manager: Paul Renaudineau

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