B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Walking, Pants Splitting & Trump

B&T’s Tokyo Olympics Wrap: Walking, Pants Splitting & Trump

In very upsetting news, the Tokyo Olympics is almost over. Soon Aussies will be stuck just talking about COVID-19 again, but thankfully we have a few more days! 

Nothing seems to upset people more, (cough old men), than attempts at gender equality.

The Olympics have decided to scrap the men’s 50 km race walk, after this Olympics, because it doesn’t offer a female equivalent.

Clearly, the Olympics has never seen women’s walking groups, because they are force to be reckoned with on the footpath.

Here at B&T, we have no idea why they just didn’t create a female version, but who are we to argue with the people that bought us an Olympics in a pandemic?

They clearly aren’t afraid of anything, including the plague.

However, fast walking fans fear not, supposedly at the next Olympics they will be introducing an unspecified mixed-team race walking event. – though this sounds eerily similar to trying to keep up with your Dad at an airport.

Not sure how anyone will be able to wait four years for that one.

Anyway, on to more important issues, such as the triple jumper whose pants split.

Algerian Olympian, Yasser Triki, was attempting to qualify for the triple jump final, when his pants split – right down the middle.

Sadly Triki came in 5th and didn’t quality and on top of that, he now needs new shorts!

In a perfect world, people would be mature about such a fashion mishap, but Twitter isn’t exactly known for maturity, so…

In very concerning news, Donald Trump is still offering his thoughts on the world.

Gone are the days where he was a guest-star on The Nanny, instead the ex-president seems to be weighing in on the Olympics.

According to The Guardian, Trump, said: “If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of Leftist Maniacs, wasn’t woke, they would have won the Gold Medal instead of the Bronze,”

Trump was referring to the United States soccer team, winning Bronze.

The soccer team features players that have vocally supported causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement and a lot of them aren’t fans of Trump.

Here at B&T, we wouldn’t exactly call winning an Olympic medal losing, however, we could call Trump not getting back into office for a second time, losing.

Naturally, Twitter weighed in.

In crashing into cameraman news, an Olympic skateboarder did just that.
Australia’s very own Kieran Woolley crashed into the cameraman.

Incredibly, the cameraman managed to keep filming, obviously, he now deserves a pay rise.

Woolley and the cameraman offered each other, thumbs up, which was adorable and then they fist-bumped.

I don’t know what made Australia prouder, Woolley coming in 5th place or the fist-bump?

In multi-talented news, let’s also take a moment to appreciate Australian diver Sam Fricker.

Who is a very busy boy, besides competing at the Olympics, Fricker also has his own bio-degradable straw company and a huge Tiktok following.

He told, ESPN: “I’m focusing on diving, TikTok and the business,” – Let’s all just take a moment to remember what we were doing at nineteen.

Fricker has spent the Olympics not just training and competing. He has also been amassing a huge following on Tiktok – 1.1 million.


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Oh, the Olympics, where anything can happen, seriously anything.- remember yesterday horses were scared of a sumo wrestler statue.

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