Brookvale Union Announces “Tinsurance” To Protect The Nation From Tinnie Thieves Via Bounce Creative

Brookvale Union Announces “Tinsurance” To Protect The Nation From Tinnie Thieves Via Bounce Creative
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Brookvale Union promises that good times and good tins across the country are now protected: Any moment with a tinnie in hand is, in fact, ‘tinsurable’ in its new campaign via social agency Bounce.

While establishing an actual insurance company is a first for the brand (and perhaps the category), Bounce has been running the social and digital accounts for Brookvale Union since early 2020 and has activated a variety of campaigns for the drinks company, registering an 1800 hotline, CCTV video stunts, giving away branded tattoos and sponsoring a fans’ marital union.

“Having the most desirable drink at the kick-on makes you a prime target for a sneaky tinnie swipe from the communal esky. No one wants their good times railroaded by having to worry about their drinks, so an insurance policy to ‘cover’ anyone and everyone who buys a Brookvale Union tinnie was a no brainer,” said Jacob Lumsdaine, creative lead at Bounce.

Like any insurance company, Tinsurance has rigid Ts and Cs, but are instead rewarding members with a ‘more claim bonus’ – a policy that sees Brookvale Union with 1 million millilitres of liquid to give away. The good news is, anyone who has picked up a tinnie is automatically Tinsured, all it takes is tagging the brand on social media to make a claim.

“Brookvale Union tins are some of the hottest commodities in fridges nation-wide. So, naturally, it made sense to insure them. Turns out that one million millilitres goes a long way, so we’ll be looking to activate Tinsurance beyond the realm of socials to festivals and events next year, giving our loyal liquid lovers even more chances to ‘make a claim’ and win” said global vice president of refreshment at Brookvale Union, Maxwell Farrow.

Fronted by Melbourne based comedian Frankie Mcnair, the campaign is live now across all social and digital channels. 


Client: Brookvale Union

Head of Marketing: Tom Wallage

Senior Brand Manager: Lucy Pratt

Brand Manager: Maxwell Farrow


Creative Agency: Bounce Creative
Executive Creative Director: Joel Chapman
General Manager: Michaela Lobb
Creative Lead: Jacob Lumsdaine
Copywriter: Nick Snelling
Copywriter: Chris De Santis



Director: Joel Burrows

Producer: Amber Rose

DOP: Tom Black

Gaffer: Tommy Keyes

Photographer: Cole Bennetts

Production Designer / Costume: Ruth Arnold

Art Dept Assist: Becca Kenchingston

H&MU: Celeste Gubb

Sound Recordist: Stuart Melvey

Prod Runner: Tobias Tarasov


Hero Talent: Frankie McNair

Extra: Kelly C

Extra: Kelly G

Extra: Austin

Extra: Matt


Media Director: Neil Warren

Media Performance Director: Adam Sullivan

Media Manager: Polina Bonch

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