More Brands Join Google UK Boycott As Concerns Over Extremism Escalates

More Brands Join Google UK Boycott As Concerns Over Extremism Escalates

A number of major British advertisers have pulled their Google advertising after ads were being shown on YouTube next to video content featuring extremists.

On Friday, B&T reported that The Guardian in the UK had pulled all its ads after they appeared in a “completely unacceptable” way.

Following The Guardian’s move, the British government has now suspended its advertising, while media agency Havas has also temporarily suspended all its client’s advertising from the platform.

L’Oreal, The Financial Conduct Authority, Transport for London and Channel 4 are also reportedly considering their advertising position with Google.

The Australian Financial Review is also reporting today that a number of local Australian brands and agencies are keeping a keen eye on developments over in the UK; however, none we named by name.

You can read Google UK’s managing director Ronan Harris’ response to the boycott here.

Companies have complained that their ads are being shown next to the likes of American white nationalist David Duke, a pastor who praised the killing of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, a homophobic “shock jock” Michael Savage, as well as extremist Islamic preachers espousing anti-semitism.

The UK’s The Times has reported that ads for British government departments including the BBC, The Royal Air Force and The Royal Navy had appeared next to the controversial material prompting the boycott.The problem is that the ads make money for the video creator. The Times reporting that a YouTube user can earn $US7.60 on average for every 1,000 times an ad is viewed.

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