The Brand Agency Tackles Distracted Drivers In New Road Safety Commission

The Brand Agency Tackles Distracted Drivers In New Road Safety Commission

In 2018, 18 per cent of deaths on West Australian roads were caused by distracted drivers. While recent years have seen a focus on educating people about the dangers of texting behind the wheel, there are still many other everyday behaviours that cause drivers to lose their concentration.

The thought-provoking campaign created by The Brand Agency, set-outs to educate people of these lesser-known, yet equally-lethal distractions.

Road Safety Commission assistant director of communications and engagement, Roger Farley said: “It might only be a second or two, but if you’re changing a song on your playlist, finding your sunnies, or even doing your make-up, you’re not looking at the road ahead. We want to dispel the myth that driving distracted is a harmless behaviour.”

The campaign takes a shift from shock and awe tactics and confronts people more so with a rational message called The Distance of Distraction – dramatically demonstrating what drivers could be missing when they take their eyes off the road for just two seconds.

Marcus Tesoriero, ECD at The Brand Agency added: “I’m proud of our team creating and producing such a powerful way to consider distracted driving. We want people to feel selfish for continuing with their bad habits by giving them a very real measurement of what they’re missing on the road. We want people to stop and truly consider the distance of distraction.”

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