Bad Passenger Behaviour The Spark For Totally Genius Public Transport Ads

Bad Passenger Behaviour The Spark For Totally Genius Public Transport Ads

Tired of people eating on public transports? Hogging the seats or blocking the aisles? Well, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (aka The LA Metro) was too and to combat it has released a trio of ads so brilliantly ridiculous they need to be seen to be believed.

The spots are the work of YouTube star Mike Diva who recently moved into ad direction, unveiling his first work for US ice-cream brand Halo last month. The ad was described as the creepiest ice-cream ad in history. Check it out here.

For his LA Metro ads, Diva is again channelling his love of Japanese pop culture in an hilarious reminder to commuters to remember their manners. The ads star another YouTube sensation, Anna Akana, and a big, orange blob by the name of Bad Dude. Revel in the madness below:

Diva recently told US industry site Ad Freak about his love of Japanese ads: “They are always visually stimulating, hilarious, and they’re not afraid to get weird. I love making commercials in that style because it’s sort of an excuse to do really wild stuff. I feel like American commercials could really take a few lessons from the attention-grabbing way they handle advertising.”

Spokesperson for LA Metro, John Gordon, added: “We knew from the start we wanted something quirky, fun and memorable, something that would remind people about Metro etiquette without looking like a traditional government agency PSA. It lends a colourful touch that matches the spirit of our riders and the creativity of Los Angeles.”

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