Blundstone Launches New Collaborations On The Back Of A Brand Refresh

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Aussie footwear manufacturer Blundstone has launched a revitalised brand to reflect its now established international presence in the marketplace.

The new creative platform ‘Everywhere Life Takes Me’ unites Blundstone’s broad market appeal and celebrates both the heritage of this iconic Tasmanian business and the people and consumers connected to the brand – telling their past, present and future stories on how they live their life, their way.

Adam Blake, Blundstone’s global head of brand design and consumer engagement, said the new brand identity recognises the genuine love and passion for the “humble Blunnies”.

“’Everywhere Life Takes Me’ pays homage to the fact that every morning – whether it be in rural or metropolitan Australia, Israel, Italy, Canada or the US – there are hundreds of thousands of people who start their day by pulling on a pair of Blundstones,” he said.

“It’s these life stories we want to capture and celebrate to communicate our brand story.

“We realised now is the time to deliver a brand framework that encompasses and unites the breadth of our markets, categories and consumers globally. Our boots keep people safe at work, take them hiking on weekends, dance up a storm at festivals, and wow catwalks around the world.”

Blundstone has worked closely with two leading Australian agencies to design and bring this brand identity to fruition.

Founded By Design has provided strategic brand design and creative, and marketing, while PR agency Bastion Effect has helped shape and manage partnerships, as well as build the brand’s digital footprint.

In implementing the new brand identity, Blundstone has activated brand-aligned retail and partnership strategies.

Once known only as a work boot, these new partnerships are communicating the evolution and relevance of the brand to the lifestyle and fashion markets as well.

The latest collaborations include two iconic Australian fashion labels – lifestyle denim brand Rolla’s and women’s fashion house Aje – as well as Mona’s provocative winter festival, Dark Mofo.

Rolla’s and Blundstone have joined forces to co-create a ‘collab’ boot which is modelled off the Blundstone Original 500 series.

Jethro Cave has been used as the face of Rolla’s collaboration, with Aje selecting a range of Blundstone styles to present their 2017-18 collection, and Blundstone ‘Dark Boots’ now the official footwear of Dark Mofo.

“This is an exciting time for Blundstone,” Blake said.

“Our heritage and sense of place have shaped who we are, with our new brand identity and strategy continuing to build on that for the future.

“As we have reflected on our impending 150-year milestone, we have realised our brand is, and always has been, best told through the stories of our community across the world.

“We are optimistic about our future and we hope our story is viewed as one of success for other Australian brands.”

Blundstone’s new brand identity is currently being rolled out both in Australia and internationally across digital, social, out-of-home, and print.

Rolla’s Blundstones go on sale in May through General Pants, while the ‘Dark Boots’ will be sold online and through retailers in Hobart during the Dark Mofo festival in June.

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