Blogger Constance Hall Accuses Bonds Of Stealing “My Vibe” In Latest Ad Campaign

Blogger Constance Hall Accuses Bonds Of Stealing “My Vibe” In Latest Ad Campaign

Iconic Aussie underwear brand Bonds has been called out for its latest ad campaign by controversial blogger Constance Hall.

Hall took to social media earlier this week to question Bonds about why its campaign ‘The Queendom’, which launched last month via Leo Burnett Melbourne, had her “vibe” all over it despite the blogger not being associated at all with the campaign.

For those of you who are unaware, Hall lives the bohemian lifestyle and has quite a few followers on social media, which she refers to as “Queens”.

Hall also highlighted her charity work in the sassy post and urged Bonds to lend a hand to the Rafiki Mwema cause.

Bonds then responded to Hall’s post commending the blogger on her charity work and championing of the ‘queen’ movement, before acknowledging its own charity efforts as well as the women involved in ‘The Queendom’ campaign.

“These women all share the same love and passion for the Queendom, “Bonds said.

“Let’s be stronger together, what do you think?”

Hall hasn’t directly responded to Bonds’ comment, but she did jump in to defend one of the artists who worked on the campaign after some followers accused her of copying.

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She also shared another post admitting she was taking the piss a little with her Bonds call-out.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you for messaging me in the last 24 hours. I’ve been bombarded by messages from Queens who have just wanted to let me know that they still have a sense of humour and totally understand me. Also a lot of you have messaged to ask me to please never change, despite the haters and despite the media taking everything I say out of context. I promise you I won’t!!!! While you might read hurtful things about me I’m reading my inbox full of love and hilarious stories from the awesome people of the world. Even though I can’t write back to everyone the fact that you take the time out of your day to remind me that I’m awesome means the world to me. Some good has come of this!! I have spend the last couple of days designing some seriously kick arse undies for Queens of all shapes and sizes!!!! That do support Rafiki lol!!!! Also announcement…. the best selling range was restocked today!!!! Yeah baby, the leopard pants and skirts and black for the cold bitches mumtum skirts/pants with pockets!!!!! All in stock but are selling like wild fire so if you’ve been thinking about looking like a tribal goddess but haven’t gotten around doing it I think now is the time goddess. Ps Raja rocking his Bonds onsie to prove we were fucking kidding!!!!

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