Betoota Boys Savage The Advertising Industry In Latest News Post

Betoota Boys Savage The Advertising Industry In Latest News Post

Those naughty scallywags at satirical site The Betoota Advocate have used their latest news post to hilariously skewer the advertising industry.

(You can read B&T’s recent interview with the Betoota boys here).

Showing a canny knack of how adland works the post is titled, “Report: Working In Advertising All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses A Big Client”. You can read it in full here.

The article references a fictional creative agency who’ve lost a major client and the disaster that’s befallen them.

“Short of being stabbed to death with a broken Ridell wine glass by John Singleton outside a popular steakhouse, the agency’s creative director and senior partners have been locked in crisis meetings since lunch and the mood around the open-plan office is grim,” the report reads.

It then quotes a CSIRO “report” that highlights the damage done when some “fucking idiot” at the agency loses a major client.

“People start to get fired when that happens,” said the CSIRO’s Mark Borch.

“All the giggles, fun and late-night disabled toilet nosé go out the window when some big brand marketing director turns off the tap. That’s what our research indicates, anyway,”

“In these events, when someone loses a big client, the CSIRO would advise that it’d be best to take the stabbing from John Singleton, file a complaint in civil court and hope for a large payout.”

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