BELIEVE Branding Shows Off New Look For Vitasoy Following Pitch Win

BELIEVE Branding Shows Off New Look For Vitasoy Following Pitch Win

The growing plant milk sector got a new look from Vitasoy in Australia and New Zealand this week.

BELIEVE Branding was appointed to make Vitasoy’s packaging easier to pick from the shelf and simpler for consumers to shop, after winning a competitive pitch to improve the brand’s equity across its expanding range.

Grown out of the original logo, which harks back to Vitasoy’s 77-year-rich history, the new design is a result of close collaboration between BELIEVE Branding’s strategic designers and consultants in Sydney and Melbourne, and the Vitasoy team.

Vitasoy packaging design (BELEIVE Branding)

Tim Warren, creative partner at BELIEVE Branding, said: “We wanted to build a clear set of foundational elements that would grow and evolve as Vitasoy does.

“By taking a broader strategic approach and exploring how the brand talks, moves and feels, we’ve created a cohesive system that extends beyond packaging into digital, animation and experience, making it easier for customers – and internal teams – to navigate.”

Vitasoy packaging design (BELEIVE Branding)

Paul Paxton-White, marketing director for Vitasoy in Australia and New Zealand, said: “We’re delighted with the outcome, both from a strategic perspective and from the quality of the creative.

“It’s great to work with a team that are so flexible and collaborative. We can’t wait to see it on shelf.”

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