A Golden Opportunity! Lucky Numbers For Sale!

A Golden Opportunity! Lucky Numbers For Sale!

Have you ever wanted to own the world’s luckiest phone number? Never given it much thought? Who am I and what am I talking about? Well, stay a while and listen, as B&T brings you the business opportunity of lifetime.

In a nutshell, an extremely rare 1800 number is now on the market in Australia and interest in acquiring it is hitting fever pitch. Having both a highly memorable and culturally significant phone number is a big deal, and the number up for grabs satisfies both criteria in spades.

But what is it, you ask? 1800 80 80 80 is the answer. The significance? It’s totally unique and is said to be highly lucky in Asian culture. For that reason, this number is an excellent suit for any company, but especially one that is interested in the Asian customer market. The number 8 represents wealth or life, while 0 represents the individual, so the number could loosely translate a “you will be wealthy” and/or “you will live long time”.

Being a toll-free number, it also outperforms all other numbers for phone enquires. And being so memorable it is ideal for radio, TV or billboard advertising, where people do not keep a pen and paper handy.

Better still, 1800 80 80 80 is a toll free number which can be directed to a single destination point or multiple points based on originating areas. This makes it great for customer service centres based in different states.

So if this sounds like a number your company might be interested in, expressions of interest are required by June 25 so that the number can be sold this financial year. In recent times a number sold overseas went for a dizzying $2.7 million at auction. Consequently, expressions of interest should start above $100,000.

In short, it’s perfect for any company that is customer facing and needs a highly memorable “lucky number”.

Please call Customer Connect on 03 964 64 622 to lodge your interest. And for more information, you can visit here

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1800 80 80 80 Customer Connect Lucky Phone number

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