BBC News Reader Goes Into Labour While Reading Business Report

BBC News Reader Goes Into Labour While Reading Business Report

A BBC TV presenter in the UK went into labour while reading a news bulletin, before being rushed to hospital in Manchester.

The newsreader, Victoria Fritz, was reading the business news on BBC Breakfast but was shocked to find her baby boy arriving well ahead of schedule. As a result, her fellow newsreader Sally Nugent had to step in as her birthing partner, with Fritz’s husband stuck in traffic.

See if you can pinpoint the moment she experiences her first contraction:

The new mum tweeted a shout out to her co-workers, calling it a “BBC Breakfast team effort”.

Back on the TV program, newsreader Naga Munchetty explained why another presenter, Sean Farrington, was now reading the business news, alluding to Fritz’s incident.

“There she was, you know, just presenting very happily, not an issue in the world. And then she decided to have a bit of an event later on,” she said.

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BBC presenter Victoria Fritz

Co-presenter Dan Walker added, “Sally was reading our sport yesterday. Because Victoria’s partner was stuck on the M6, Sally was the birthing partner.”

Dan Walker also admitted some of the public’s name suggestions might be overlooked.


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