Bauer Issues Statement In Response To Rebel Wilson’s “Total Scum” Twitter Mix Up

Bauer Issues Statement In Response To Rebel Wilson’s “Total Scum” Twitter Mix Up

In case you missed it, Rebel Wilson went a little ape on Twitter, firing shots at a journalist who allegedly harassed her “sweet, sick grandma”, but unfortunately, she got her wires a little more than crossed, completely mistaking the journo in question.

Wilson posted a tweet condemning a certain ‘Elizabeth Wilson’ who, she believed, worked for ACP Magazines, now Bauer Media, before posting a photograph calling her “total scum”, however seems it’s now a case of mistaken identity.


The deleted (now pixelated) tweet

Bauer Media issued a statement in response, saying Rebel Wilson’s claims are completely false.

“Claims made by actress Rebel Wilson that a journalist working for ACP Magazines (Bauer Media) had contacted her grandmother are false,” it read.

“The person referred to in Twitter posts by Ms Wilson over the weekend was not working for Bauer Media in any capacity.

“Bauer Media also regrets the decision by Ms Wilson to post an incorrect picture of one of our highly experienced and respected staff members, who is in no way connected to these events and who has been left deeply distressed by the false accusation.”

Turns out, Rebel meant another woman, who she has also posted a photo of, blasting her for harassing her G’ma.

But people were quick to jump on the tweet and correct her initial error, fighting it until she deleted the tweet.

“Could you please take down this photo. This is not the right Elizabeth Wilson. Elizabeth in this photo is from House&Garden Mag,” Kayla Gex replied on Twitter. 

“You have the wrong Elizabeth Wilson. This Liz works for House&Garden and hasn’t harassed anyone. A case of mistaken identity,” Katlyn Macdonald added.

Twitter users had a balanced response, with fans supporting Rebel Wilson’s criticisms, while others flagged her wrongdoings.


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