Bath Quits Seven Over Apparent Ructions Surrounding Her $800K Salary

Bath Quits Seven Over Apparent Ructions Surrounding Her $800K Salary

Seven newsreader Chris Bath has reportedly quit the Seven Network after her annual pay was reduced by $100,000 to $700,000.

The Australian is this afternoon reporting that Seven exces wanted the pay reduction after Bath was moved off the weekday bulletin and was made to front the weekend bulletin only.

Seven recently promoted Mark Ferguson to the plum weekly news spot after the station lost its number one news tag to arch rivals Nine.

However, The Oz is reporting Bath felt the pay reduction was utterly unfair as it was Seven execs who had pushed her into the diminished role and it had not been of her choosing.

The report said it was standard industry practise to reduce a presenter’s salary if their role and workload had also been reduced.

However, the article did stress that the allegations were hearsay and Bath had not yet made any official comment as to why she upped and left what appears to be a rather highly-prized and highly-paid gig.

Despite an official statement from Seven this morning regarding Bath’s departure, her future plans have not yet been revealed.

Read the full article here.

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