Is That A Bag Of Cocaine Falling Out Of Muso’s Sock On Live TV?

Is That A Bag Of Cocaine Falling Out Of Muso’s Sock On Live TV?

Former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft has denied speculation a bag of cocaine fell out of his sock while he was appearing on the UK sports program Soccer AM over the weekend.

The sports loving Ashcroft is a regular on the early morning show, however fans began speculating after a “mysterious sachet” could be seen spilling from his sock and onto his shoe during the broadcast.

Check it out for yourself below:

Ashcroft, who ironically had a worldwide hit with the song The Drugs Don’t Work while fronting The Verve, soon took to social media to claim the small bag was merely a bit of rubbish tumbling from his pocket.

“Just a quick message to a couple of you trolls on Twitter who are making a name for yourselves out of me, and also people moralising and virtue signalling,” he said via an Instagram video.

“Number one: cocaine and I have had no relationship for decades. Number two: don’t you ever surmise what has fallen out of my pocket. And, don’t bring my children into it.

“You’re on thin ice. Don’t libel my name. My dad didn’t like litter and I don’t really like litter. But it gets a bit preposterous in my pocket. In The Verve, I was known as Colombo, so get your facts right. You’re on thin ice. Peace.”

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