It’s More Bad News For Seven’s “Achingly Boring” Zumbo’s Just Desserts

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It’s debut was widely slammed on social media yesterday and it’s even more bad news for Seven’s heavily promoted Zumbo’s Just Desserts as it shed a whopping 250,000 viewers on its second airing last night.

Seven execs will be sweating bullets this morning that the show, that it so heavily promoted during the Olympics and it had hoped would carry the audience momentum, looks to have come out half-baked.


According to Oztam figures, Zumbo’s Just Desserts premiered on Monday night to an audience of 1.08 million viewers, however, it only managed 830,000 last night and was beaten by Nine’s The Block with 944,000 viewers. Zumbo was the eighth most watched show last night.

Seven’s cake cook-off was followed by 800 Words which attracted a respectable 877,000 and was up against the James Bond Quantum of Solace re-run on Nine that had 502,000 viewers

So, does Zumbo’s poor debut show that cooking programs are on the nose? It’s hard to say, and definitely not if its My Kitchen Rules or the ever-resilient MasterChef. However, if the anger Zumbo’s Just Desserts attracted on social media yesterday is any indication then Seven may quickly take it out of the oven and into the bin. Viewers describing the debut as “achingly boring”, “drab, drudging, dull, flat, ho hum, insipid, irksome, lifeless, monotonous, mundane, uninteresting, vapid” and “sheer, unadulterated hell”! Ouch!

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