Auto On the Mind: How Brands Can Reach The Growing Group Of Car Shoppers On Pinterest

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As most states begin to get back to a new kind of normality post lockdown, Aussies are raring to go, ready to get back to living the good Australian life.

And while we’re getting out and about again, public transport remains quiet, with Australians increasingly opting to use their cars to get around. 

In fact, a carsales survey found non-car owners are now looking to buy a car due to the pandemic, with many less likely to use public transport and rideshare services due to issues around hygiene, contact with others and convenience. 

The survey found that 58.8 per cent of non-car owners are more likely to consider buying a car, and 38 per cent are ‘definitely’ likely to consider buying a car ‘right now’.

For traditionally non-car owners (and car veterans alike), buying a car is a massive decision, which is why people are turning to Pinterest to help them shop for a vehicle. 

Auto is a rising category in Pinterest, with 2 in 3 Pinterest users using Pinterest to help shop for a car, while auto shoppers on Pinterest are 40 per cent more likely to look for general auto inspiration on Pinterest compared to non-Pinterest users on other platformers.  

A further 36 per cent of Pinterest users who are shopping for cars said they actively use Pinterest during the final stages of shopping to help them decide what vehicle to choose, while 1 in 5 recent auto purchasers who use Pinterest said they used the Pinterest app while they were making their final vehicle decision at the dealership.

Brands using Pinterest to engage auto shoppers 

Auto brands are increasingly turning to Pinterest to earn the attention of auto shoppers, and for good reason. A massive 83 per cent of weekly Pinterest users made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest. And, with the increased engagement with auto-related, car brands have the unique opportunity to reach Pinterest users as they begin to consider their next car purchase.

In fact, auto shoppers who use Pinterest are 28 per cent more likely to buy a new car within the first 90 days of a release, compared to people who don’t use Pinterest.

MINI was one of the first car brands to create a Pinterest campaign across Australia and New Zealand. Focused on its Forever Unexpected campaign earlier this year, MINI used Max Width Video to drive awareness and promote its latest MINI Hatch Range, targeting Pinners going through major life events such as starting a family or moving, and who are interested in automobile content.

Toyota turned to Pinterest to increase awareness and purchase consideration among a younger, lifestyle-oriented crowd to introduce their all-new Avalon. They used a Promoted Video campaign to get their brand in front of the right people. The campaign chalked up millions of campaign impressions, video views and an average 53% video view-through rate. Millennials and Gen Xers who saw the ads on Pinterest were significantly more aware of the car and more likely to purchase it, than people who didn’t see those videos. 

An inspired auto webinar

Join B&T and the Pinterest auto team as we drive through an Auto Inspired Webinar. We will be showcasing the latest insights around how auto shoppers seek inspiration around their next big purchase. 

You’ll hear about everything auto, from life moments that trigger auto buyers, to 1st and 3rd party auto data on Pinterest, inspired creative that drives new and existing entry points for your brand, and a fireside chat with Pinterest’s global auto lead. Plus, there’ll be a live Q&A for all your burning questions on the day. 

Whether you’re a Tesla tragic or a Holden Torana tinkerer, Pinterest is the place more and more motoring enthusiasts are seeking inspiration and ideas. There’ll be no burnouts leaving this informative session with the sages on offer walking you through the moments that trigger the need for a new set of wheels.

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