Rebecca Wilson

If you are going to improve a business’s success in marketing, you have to tighten their own view of what they do, then help them enunciate how they do it more effectively. You have to make them better at marketing it, better at communicating it to their target markets and influencers, better at building the relationships that matter, and better at bidding and winning work. Marketing isn’t about the brochures, or the billboards. It is about knowing what your unique offering is, knowing who you want to have hearing the messages, and delivering them messages that connect to make them want to do business with you. All the rest is easy. Brochures, posters, billboards, business cards and websites are just the tools. They are easy to design, copy-write and craft if you know exactly who they are for, and what they have to say for you to succeed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My real specialty lies in taking the big picture of a business's goals and breaking them down into small achievable milestones and implementation plans. As one of my clients said today "I take the helicopter view and turn it into an army of action that gets orderly and structured results" I work closely with business owners as their trusted Marketing Advisor to guide and advise them, managing marketing resourcing and leading the implementation to achieve a real return on investment in marketing and BD.
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