Holly Tagima

WHAT I DO: I help Western companies reach Chinese consumers through social media. I have an excellent track record of executing and analysing successful social media campaigns, especially on Chinese platforms such as Weibo and Weixin WHY I’M DIFFERENT: Having lived abroad in a number of different countries, I adapt easily to change and this also helps me keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in the social media space. I love to connect with people be it through learning languages or engaging in online discussions. I am fluent in Chinese and English, a beginner in Italian, a volunteer when possible and a social butterfly. WHAT OTHERS SAY: "Holly is friendly, intelligent, and has fantastic Chinese language skills. She would be an asset to any employee." (Asako Saito, Colleague at Greenpeace Beijing) I’d love to chat about how I can help you. Get in touch on holly_tagima@hotmail.com 作为一名优秀的汉语语言与文化专业的毕业生,我力求一个富有挑战的工作环境。曾在多个国家工作,多元化的背景,造就了我团队合作与较强的适应能力。我曾在中国的一家传媒公司负责报告的管理与分析,并能严格在规定时间内完成较大的工作量。自此,我就一直致力于深造自己。
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