Aussies love wearing technology

Aussies love wearing technology

A new study has found that Aussies are more in love with wearable technology than Brits and Americans – and businesses are being warned they need to be ready to deal with the data the devices capture.

Research by cloud computing company Rackspace discovered that 35% of Australians use wearable tech like smart glasses, health and fitness monitors, cameras and smart watches. In the UK and US, just 18% of people embrace wearable technology.

Of this 35%, 64% believe this kind of technology has enhanced their lives.

The study, The Human Cloud: Wearable Technology from Novelty to Productivity, surveyed 750 Aussies aged 18 to 64.

Other key findings include:

– 67% of Aussies who have used wearable technology believe it has improved their health and fitness.

– 44% say it has helped them stay better informed.

– One in three believe wearable technology helps them feel more in control of their lives.

Angus Dorney, director of Rackspace Australia, said: “We are at the beginning of massive mainstream uptake of wearable devices, with the impending launch of wearable devices from a variety of multinational organisations set to further boost adoption.

“The rich data created by wearable tech will drive the rise of the ‘human cloud’ of personal data. Organisations need to assess whether they are ready to capture and process this rich new source of data.

"They also need to consider how they will drive deeper customer understanding and new benefits from this technology revolution.” 

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