Aussie Radio Listeners Want Pauline As PM

Aussie Radio Listeners Want Pauline As PM

Yes, you read the headline right. Triple M radio listeners have picked Pauline Hanson as their Aussie PM of choice.

In reality, Triple M listeners would have NZ’s Jacinda Adern first, but alas, we hear she’s already busy.

If Pauline couldn’t hack the top job, radio listeners would want foreign minister Julie Bishop in the big chair, bizarrely followed by entrepreneur Dick Smith and the very much retired John Howard. Eddie Maguire ranked 10th, just before Hugh Jackman.

You’d think we’re making this stuff up, but believe us, we’re not.

Southern Cross Austereo surveyed more than 6,000 listeners, across the Triple M and Hit Networks about the upcoming election, and came up with some rather surprising results.

Questions ranged from the serious (key election issues and political integrity) to the lighter side of politics, like which pollie they’d prefer to have a beer with.

Speaking of beer, Pauline Hanson is the politician Aussies would most like to clink glasses with (19 per cent), followed by Scomo (11 per cent) then Bill Shorten (10 per cent). Poor Clive Palmer will be a little lonely at the pub, as only five per cent would chug a schooner with the UAP leader. 

Interestingly, 61 per cent of radio listeners are swinging voters, while on election night, one in four people say they’ll do anything but watch the election on TV. Only 10 per cent will stop to watch coverage on telly.

And, if Aussie radio listeners were in charge for a day, health, tax and lowering political pay would be first on the to-do list, along with immigration issues.

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