“Augmented Reality Is The Future Of Advertising”

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Is augmented reality the future of advertising? According to industry experts, it just might be. This morning at B&T Breakfast Club, presented by Snapchat, attendees were treated to insightful and entertaining presentations from four companies pioneering the future of advertising through augmented reality (AR).

Guest speakers of the morning included: Dave Di Veroli, head of strategy and innovation at VMLY&R; Christine Burke, communications director of L’Oréal Australia; Elaine Herlihy, marketing director at PayPal Australia; and Emile Rademeyer, creative director at VANDAL.

Sharing stories about highly successful campaigns that harnessed the power of AR, to the best ways to leverage AR, to the future of AR in Australia and beyond, the four guest speakers provoked, enlightened and inspired attendees, highlighting that AR is here and it’s only going to get bigger.

Dave Di Veroli said: “[AR] is no longer a niche. It’s mainstream, and it’s something that every single brand will need to figure out how they’re going to use it.”


He said in order to create something that has lasting value, you need to start with what people want, rather than what’s possible.

When it comes to harnessing the power of AR, Di Verloi said brands need to think about how they can “help people, entertain them or give them information that they didn’t have previously.”

Christine Burke said AR is all about bringing experiences to consumers.


She said: “AR is giving us the opportunity to work online really well, but also offline. It allows us to create products and services that meet the needs of consumers.”

She commented: “Customers really want to be able to shop in their pajamas. AR and AI are enabling you to do that.”

Burke continued by saying what’s missing from today’s advertising landscape is personalisation and care, suggesting AR can help bridge that gap.

She said: “We need to personalise. We need to create the “care” element. Care is what is missing in a lot of consumer journeys at the moment.”

Elaine Herlihy said AR is all about risk and opportunity.


She said 72 per cent of consumers are shopping on their mobiles yet only 55 per cent of businesses are optimised to accept mobile payments, adding: “there’s still a tremendous opportunity for businesses.”

Emile Rademeyer said: “I believe augmented reality is the future of advertising.”


He said: “It’s an understatement to say advertising has changed over the years.

“Advertising has changed from advertising a product to advertising an experience.

“Traditionally, it has been a one-way communication on the TV. Today it’s two-way.

He also questioned: “Why augmented reality? What’s wrong with normal reality?”

Rademeyer continued by saying the average person spends six hours a day online, and that humanity will spend a total of 1 billion years online.

“As advertisers, we’ve got three seconds to grab someone’s attention before they get distracted,” he said.

The morning finished off with an insightful panel discussion, leaving attendees with plenty to ponder about how their brand or clients can start leveraging the power of AR.

Stay tuned for the next B&T Breakfast Club, it’s sure to be another cracker!

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