April Fool’s Round-Up: It’s The 10 Best (Worst) Brand Stunts

April Fool’s Round-Up: It’s The 10 Best (Worst) Brand Stunts

Yes, it’s that time again. Here at B&T we get sent a LOT of April Fool’s press releases. And we mean a lot. Here is the best of the worst…


Promising a discreet onboard camera to capture your every move, for your loved ones to enjoy from the comfort of home. You can also upgrade to the platinum experience – a GPS ankle device to track your every move while you’re taking shots in a dodgy Rome bar. This nightmare fuel is brought to you by Contiki.

The World’s Biggest Physical Photo Library

Shutterstock has announced their brand new physical library to store over 250 million volumes of images. With brick & mortar stores making a comeback with large online realtor Amazon, Shutterstock wants to join the trend. Watch the full video here. 


Virgin Interstate Food Delivery

The first of many aero April fools is Virgin Australia’s newest offering – interstate food delivery. Ready to rival uber eats, pick up your favourite meal from any major city and have it at your doorstep in just hours.

One Hour Burpee Class

Fernwood Fitness’ hair raising, spine tingling announcement must be a joke. The widely loathed burpees are the sole focus of this 60-minute fitness class. Fernwood has released this “highly requested” class to celebrate 30 years in operation.


ING Is Now Offering Home Loans To Dogs

ING understands that Australian’s love dogs. ING also understands that Australian’s will go to crazy lengths to obtain a home loan. ING is offering a maximum loan amount of $20,000 for your furry friend. Sorry, no cats allowed.


Emu Airlines – The First Airline Catered For Tall People

In the next instalment of airline fools – Wotif has announced their airline. It is catered exclusively for tall people and features two classes: budget friendly ‘emuconomy’ with 101.6cm between rows (usually around 78cm) and the luxurious Daddy Long Legs double suites. This is one announcement that we can get behind! Read more here.

White narrow body airplane approaching runway; Shutterstock ID 239943406; Purchase Order: -


ME Bank’s Cash™ Fragrance

ME Bank has announced its first ever unisex fragrance Cash™ – The Scent Of Money. The fragrance boasts notes of ‘Literal Notes’ ($5 bills to get exact), luxe leather, a hint of human and aged mattress. If you secretly enjoy a whiff of cash, well I bet you wish this was real.


Take 5 Budgies & Puzzles

Bauer Media Australia today revealed a monthly title it predicts will fly off the shelves. Take 5 Budgies & Puzzles will cater to the growing crossword-loving bird keepers’ market, a sector ignored by many major publishers.



BMW Aisle Assist Technology

Led by its transformation subdivision located at its headquarters in Melbourne, engineers have spent the past 12 months integrating technology such as lane keeping assistant, speed limit information, cross-traffic warning and evasion aid into the humble shopping trolley. I hope these are implemented at my local Woolies!


Travelodge Hotels announces new ‘Bedshare’

Budget-friendly hotel chain Travelodge has announced an affordable new share room option which promises 50 per cent discounts for guests willing to share 50 per cent of their rooms and amenities with another guest.


Courses.com.au open a new university

Online course directory Courses.com.au is offering Medieval University courses. The university provides the best education in fields such as Regicide, Jousting and Dragon Riding. Take the enrollment quiz online here.


If you’d like to see more, here’s last year’s best of the bunch. 



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