AppNexus Expands Video Offer With New Partnerships And Video Viewability Measurement

AppNexus Expands Video Offer With New Partnerships And Video Viewability Measurement

AppNexus has expanded its global footprint in video with new technology and Supply Side Platform global partnerships and free video viewability measurement and reporting for clients, stretching its global technology partnership with Microsoft Corp into video advertising.

Under the terms of the partnership, Microsoft will adopt AppNexus’ Video Supply Side Platform (SSP) to monetise video inventory in select markets. This partnership builds upon AppNexus’ role as the exclusive technology platform for Microsoft’s display advertising business in 58 markets.

Microsoft leverages AppNexus’ video technology in four ways. AppNexus provides video ad serving for direct sold inventory; instream monetization for real-time bidding (RTB); outstream monetization to drive new revenue on article pages; and VAST interstitial video to monetize games and apps.

Dailymotion Exchange (DMX) is the newest video SSP partner to AppNexus’ video platform. The alliance will combine the reach of AppNexus’ omnichannel DSP capabilities with the quality and scale of Dailymotion Exchange’s video inventory to ensure that advertisers and marketers around the world can find the most targeted audiences for their video campaigns.

Dailymotion Exchange is the private video exchange that exclusively monetises Dailymotion player instream inventory, which is one of the largest video platforms in the world with 3.5 billion video views monthly and more than 300 million unique viewers.

Video ad tech company Unruly and AppNexus, have formed a partnership to combine the reach of AppNexus’ video buying platform with the quality and scale of Unruly’s viewable video SSP, UnrulyX, where 70 per cent of views are delivered across comScore 500 sites.

This new alliance is an important step in ensuring that advertisers and publishers around the world can transact premium outstream video campaigns at scale in a fair and open market.

AppNexus buyers will have access to more than a billion monthly viewable outstream video impressions via UnrulyX, from business and news sites such as MarketWatch and The Sun, to sports sites including, to lifestyle sites such as Vogue Australia, many of which are exclusive to UnrulyX. The video ad tech company’s SSP delivers user-friendly video formats, giving buyers the opportunity and scale to diversify their digital video buy beyond pre-roll.

The AppNexus Video SSP is designed to be flexible across video formats, scalable to connect the world’s largest programmatic video buyers and sellers, efficient for easy adoption, and effective for latency reduction. Formats supported include instream (pre-, mid-, and post-roll) outstream video for desktop and mobile, and VAST interstitial video for games and apps. Programmatic transaction models include video RTB, mediation, managed campaigns, deals, and direct served.

The partnerships follow the recent announcement by AppNexus to provide its clients globally with free video viewability measurement and reporting.

Historically, viewability has been a complex and expensive add-on to campaigns, or limited to only one media owner’s inventory. Now, by extending the capability to video, AppNexus sets a new standard for viewability measurement and reporting. The goal is to promote publishers’ high performing viewable inventory, improve the quality of inventory for buyers, and enhance the overall user experience.

AppNexus Australia vice president Dave Osborn said, “AppNexus offers global reach and an open platform that our clients find appealing. We are working with premium video SSPs such as DMX and Unruly, as well as clients like Microsoft, to expand access to inventory and fill a pressing market need for an open video platform.

“Google’s decision to pull YouTube inventory from the open market restricts marketer choice, flexibility and agility. In light of these major shifts in the video market, AppNexus is emerging as the scaled, independent leader that can offer superior reach, audience-building and pricing across diverse supply pools.”


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