Anti-Phil Collins Change.Org Petition Pulled After Fan Outrage

Anti-Phil Collins Change.Org Petition Pulled After Fan Outrage

When 80s crooner Phil Collins announced he was coming out of retirement last week clearly not everyone was thrilled about the return.

In fact, an aggrieved Brit, Mr Brian Pee, was so aggrieved by Collins’ comeback he started an online petition on asking for the UN to ban it. Pee argued “there is far too much suffering in the world as it is” and the petition fast garnered nearly 4500 signatures with people who agreed.

However, Phil’s army of adoring fans have fought back, outraged at the nepharious attack on their warbling hero.

Despite obviously being a joke, Phil’s fans believed it was a serious anti-Collins campaign and demanded the petition be pulled down.

Bowing to pressure, Pee said, “It very obviously wasn’t a serious petition. Surely no one could think this was going to be sent to the UN?”

Pee agreed the whole thing was a stunt and called it “lowbrow satire and a farcical jest” and was remorseful that Phil fans hadn’t taken it for the joke it was intended

“It would have remained that way, and been forgotten about very quickly, as all silly jokes are, had someone in the news media not seen it and thought it newsworthy. That anyone saw it as newsworthy is puzzling. How so many saw it as newsworthy is far more puzzling. It must have been a very slow news week,” the anti-Phil prankster admitted

However, outraged Phil fans took to social media to register their disgust.

One Israeili Phil fan wrote: “Whoever is responsible for this petition, what the hell is the matter with you? Phil is a great musician, and you have no right to prevent him from working … maybe you don’t appreciate good music, and that’s your problem.”

While Candain Sandra Cabral raged: “I listened to his music everyday [sic]. Genesis, Phil Collins, was the only music I listened to when I was studying or cruising with my friend Jeanine. The best times of my life. If hear any Phil Collins music now. It’s a special memory that I treasure deeply.”

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