US Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Spoofed By Comics

US Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Spoofed By Comics

On Friday B&T’s round-up of the best and crappest ads of the week featured a rather disturbing one by a US Catholic lobby group called ‘Not Alone’.

‘Not Alone’ was basically sort of bigoted Christian people using their faith to, in a very obscure and round-about way, denounce the US Federal Court’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage.

And, you guessed it, the spoofs of ‘Not Alone’ have sprung up quicker than a cabinet minister putting the boot into Q&A.

Released by Sound Awake, the ad parody features actors basically sticking it to the Christina lobby group who it believes are trying to disguise their homophobia has some twisted form of oppression. Check out the parody version here and the original, Christianey weird one below.

And the original…



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