What? Another Group Of Protesters Descend On Seven’s Sunrise

What? Another Group Of Protesters Descend On Seven’s Sunrise

Seven’s breakfast program has been accustomed to angry protestors of late, but this latest incident had all the backing of the Sunrise hosts.

A crowd of more nearly 100 people fronted up outside the Sunrise studios yesterday morning donning surgical masks and holding red balloons and signs adorned with the word “Orkambi” – a drug that can save the lives of people suffering from cystic fibrosis.

The mob used Sunrise as a stage to urge the federal government to put Orkambi on its Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

 The committee that decides which drugs are put on the PBS has refused to put the drug on the PBS on three separate occasions, claiming every time that the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug, Vertex, was to blame, according to news.com.au.

Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch showed their support for the protest, with Koch calling on Vertex to “come to the party”.

The welcoming and supportive reaction from the Sunrise hosts was in stark contrast to other protests the show has been faced with in recent times.

Aboriginal land rights activists interrupted a Sunrise broadcast during the Commonwealth Games earlier this month, leaving its hosts visibly frustrated.

This came after another large group gathered outside Seven’s Sydney HQ in March to protest a segment aired on the brekkie show about Aboriginal adoption.

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