Amber Harrison Urged To Take Seven’s Offer As Lawyer Documents Leaked

Amber Harrison Urged To Take Seven’s Offer As Lawyer Documents Leaked

The ongoing saga between Amber Harrison and her former employer Seven West Media has taken a new twist with legal documents leaked online that suggest Harrison has little likelihood of winning her Fair Work case – currently before the NSW Supreme Court – and she should, instead, take a money settlement from Seven.

Fairfax’s The Australian Financial Review has today reported that a letter from Harrison’s former lawyers, Harmers Workplace Lawyers – who she reportedly owes more than $330,000 in unpaid legal bills – has appeared on a US website blog that paint Harrison’s legal chances as grim.

Harrison’s legal team is currently tying to find the source of the leak and have the sensitive document removed.

Harrison, of course, famously had an affair with the now Seven CEO Tim Worner between 2012 and 2104. Harrison left the company after the affair ended and following allegations she’d also misused company credit cards.

However, Harrison is presently trying to sue Seven for failing to provide a safe workplace. Seven, in turn, have a temporary gag order preventing the former PA from speaking to media – including B&T – and from posting sensitive documents she took from the company on social media.

Harrison was reportedly paid as much as $300,000 when she was terminated from Seven when her affair with Worner became known by the board. Worner had $100,000 of his pay cut to pay Harrison’s pay out.

However, Harrison believed she deserved more, went public with the affair in December and has reportedly spent all the money on legal bills since.

It had been reported that Harrison, who has been unemployed since leaving Seven, wanted as much as $2 million. Her current legal team, headed by the highly-prized Julian Burnside QC, is working pro bono such is Harrison’s parlous financial position.

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