ALDI Tops For Price, IGA The Worst Says New CHOICE Survey

ALDI Tops For Price, IGA The Worst Says New CHOICE Survey

Another day, another battle fought in the supermarket wars! a CHOICE survey shows that Aussies could halve their grocery bill by shopping at Aldi, instead of sending their trolleys down the aisles of Woolworths or Coles.

CHOICE sent undercover shoppers into 93 stores across Australia, collecting price data on 31 different products. They found that an average shopper could spend $174.97 at Coles and $176.77 at Woolworths on a basket of typical items from leading brands.  An equivalent grocery shop at Aldi would cost just $87.68.

IGA was the most expensive basket – eight per cent more expensive than the same basket at Coles.


“Coles and Woolworths bombard consumers with advertising jingles and flashy promotions designed to convince us we are getting great prices, but our latest survey shows the big retailers’ price claims are going down down,” CHOICE spokesman Tom Godfrey told a Fairfax publication.

Woolies spokesperson Russell Mahoney argued “comparing a handful of products is rarely an accurate way to judge prices across a whole weekly shop.”

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