AirBnB Argues Its NYC Hosts Are Middle Class People Just Trying To Pay Bills

AirBnB Argues Its NYC Hosts Are Middle Class People Just Trying To Pay Bills

For the first time AirBnB has voluntarily shared city data on how AirBnB hosts in New York City uses the platform; including data on host earnings, the types of listings and how often people rent out their homes.

AirBnB has released data claiming that 78 per cent of hosts in New York earn low to middle incomes and 72 per cent use the money earned from AirBnB to stay in their homes. The report also states AirBnB supports small business entrepreneurs, with 11 per cent of hosts using the site to earn extra income while launching a new business.

The data is fighting against the New York authorities who have argued that the site is the reason for increase in overall rent prices, lack of affordable housing and is encouraging illegal hotels.

AirBnB argues it’s making “this data available to help policymakers craft smart rules for home sharing. Home sharing is an economic lifeline for the middle class….The data underscores that home sharing supports families in all five boroughs and makes clear that illegal hotels are not welcome on Airbnb.

“Middle class families in all five boroughs depend on Airbnb to pay the bills and stay in their homes. We look forward to working with everyone to protect the middle class.”

To counteract the “illegal hotels and greedy landlord” argument, AirBnB stated:

  • 99 per cent of all entire home properties listed on the platform are shared by hosts with one or two listings (95 per cent share one listing, 4 per cent share two listings).
  • 90 per cent of our hosts have indicated in a survey that the property they list is their permanent home.
  • The median supplemental homesharing income for an Airbnb host in New York City is $5,110.

This is the first time AirBnB has released any data about its customers, usually the company argues sharing data is a breach of privacy.

To read the full report click here. 

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