Agency Bookings Soared To $622.5 Million In May On Back Of Election Spend

Agency Bookings Soared To $622.5 Million In May On Back Of Election Spend

Australia’s media agency market is poised to deliver a record level of advertising expenditure from May in a month in which higher demand mostly came from the government sector according to SMI data out today.

Total Agency bookings are so far back 0.8 per cent in the May year-on-year period at $622.5 million from last year’s record May result, and the addition of late digital bookings at the end of the month will ensure a new record level is set in two weeks’ time.

“Australia’s advertising market continues to enjoy higher demand and this month much of that has unsurprisingly come from the Government category due to higher Federal election-related spending,’’ SMI Australian/NZ managing director Jane Schulze said.

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“Government ad spend emerged as the second largest Category this month with its total more than doubling year-on-year to $52.3 million. The greatest share of that spend went to TV (35%) followed by Digital (27.4%) then Press (13.6%) and Radio (12.4%). And the parties look to be targeting Regional media with the dollar increases in Regional Radio and Press higher than their Metropolitan counterparts.’’

Among the major media, Outdoor and Radio achieved the highest growth so far in May but both were aided by timing issues (see Influencing Factors below).

The agency market remains at record levels in both the calendar and financial year periods.

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