All Agencies Are Creative Agencies

All Agencies Are Creative Agencies

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All agencies need to be creative agencies thanks to technology, says OMD UK's creative director at CES.


Technology has democratized creativity to the point where all agencies need to be creative agencies, according to Ann Wixley, creative director, OMD UK.

Speaking on a panel about technology and creativity at OMD Oasis, part of CES International on Tuesday, Wixley discussed the need for better collaboration among agencies.

“There are a lot of different parties around a table, all in service to the big idea, and everyone wants piece of the pie,” she said.

“But times have changed and we all need to be creative agencies. I think media agencies are creative agencies too. I hate just giving the ‘creative agency’ title to just one type of agency — that makes my hackles rise,” she said.

She said that successful collaboration between technologists and creatives can be difficult to broker. “Technology has meant that ideas are coming out of a lot of different places.

“Technology inspires ideas and ideas inspire technology, but it is hard to navigate that process and get deep tech specialists collaborating with deep creative curators,” she said.

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