AFL Launches Networking Platform Workplay To Support Female Players

AFL Launches Networking Platform Workplay To Support Female Players

The newly launched networking platform workplay by the ALF. aims to provide a community for female athletes to connect with like-minded organisations and global industry leaders that support their off-field careers!

Workplay connects AFLW players to a range of flexible employment, education and career development opportunities that accommodate full-time sporting commitments and encourages more women to pursue their passions on and off the field.

In addition, workplay houses a range of content and resources to equip AFLW players at each stage of their career and allows them to explore new opportunities across a broad array of industries.

The online platform is available to all AFLW players with the hope of expanding workplay to women athletes of all sporting codes.

AFL, executive general manager, customer and commercial, Kylie Rogers said: “The AFL is thrilled to launch workplay, which strengthens our continued commitment to progress women’s football across all levels and offers another avenue for our female talent to achieve their goals on and off the field.

“Our partners share in our vision of providing the right tools and environment to empower women to reach their potential, so we’re looking forward to working together to make this a reality beyond the football field.

“The growth of women’s football is exciting, and we’re proud to extend the opportunity to our partners to connect directly with elite female athletes who possess a wealth of transferable skills and experience that would benefit any workplace.”

AFF, general manager of women’s football, Nicole Livingstone, said: “The AFL is committed to investing in the long-term sustainability of women’s sport and through the establishment of workplay, we hope to continue to be leaders in this space to ensure women athletes thrive on and off the field

“We understand the juggle a lot of full-time women athletes can face, so we hope workplay can assist in removing the barriers that can inhibit the growth of women’s sport, and an athlete’s personal growth off the field.

“We have a highly skilled and experienced talent pool of AFLW players who study and work in a wide range of important roles, so we’re excited to see more women athletes utilise the skills they have developed through sport and apply them to new career and education opportunities.”

Fox Sports news cadet and Collingwood AFLW player, Chloe Molloy, said: “Through the partnership between the AFL and Fox Sports, I was able to start a new role as a news cadet which is really exciting.

“I’m looking forward to utilising the workplay platform to help develop my professional and personal skills further.”

Landscaper and Carlton star Natalie Plane, said: “Trying to balance my football requirements around my career can make a full day of work really hard.

“I think having something like workplay that helps you find an employer that supports a busy schedule and allows you to live out your football dream is something I’m really supportive of.

Turf curator and Melbourne forward Eden Zanker, said: “People understand that it can be hard to mix AFL and a work-life, so I think having a program such as workplay to connect us with organisations that offer flexibility is great.”

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