We May Work in Advertising But We Don’t Love Ads

We May Work in Advertising But We Don’t Love Ads

A new survey from Adshel of the Australian media and advertising industry has found that 47% of industry folks think newspapers are only good for cleaning windows and BBQs when a staggering 26% of last year’s media spend went straight to newspapers.

The statistic is just one of several eye openers in Adshel‘s How in Love with Advertising are you? research, the follow up to last year’s How Agency are You? survey which found nearly 78% of Sydney’s population lives outside the areas populated by 97% of Sydney’s agency folk.

The out-of-home media company commissioned the research to determine if those working within the industry were affected by their day job, so much so that their media consumption differed widely from that of real Australians.

The results of over 1,000 agency responses revealed some telling secrets about our personal relationship with advertising, showing that contrary to popular opinion agency folk aren’t as in love with advertising as was first thought. 

  • 47% of adlanders thought newspapers were only good for cleaning windows and BBQs, when a staggering 26% of last year’s media spend went straight to newspapers.
  • 56% of agency folk get their entertainment from Buzzfeed, when the Australian public reads magazines for less than two hours per week.
  • 51% of adlanders thought that the secret to TVC success was big budget productions with catchy jingles and celeb ambassadors. It’s a shame that all this hard work seemingly goes unnoticed with 63% of people leaving the room when the ads come on.
  • But online video ads are the future obviously? No, wrong again, whilst online video advertising in 2013 reached 72% growth in the December quarter, 64% of you skip ads. Which is nothing against the 85% of the public who just want their YouTube content right now.

Adshel How in Love With Advertising Are You?

So you’re skipping pre-rolls, ignoring banner ads, not reading newspapers or magazines and not watching TV, and the majority of consumers are doing the same. So how can these insights help us make better, more relevant choices for our media campaigns?

Nicole McInnes, Adshel’s chief marketing and product officer said the solution for many brands was to fall back in love with advertising again.

How In Love With Advertising Are You? doesn’t necessarily prove that all brands should spend 100% on Adshel (although that would be nice). But it does challenge the media split in relation to how people today consume media.” she said.

“Media fragmentation and changing consumer demands mean the old rules don’t apply anymore so we are urging brands to mix it up, and try a media lovefest. Seriously though one of the key strengths of outdoor is amplification, as research has shown that integrated campaigns with greater than 15% share of spend on outdoor have higher overall return on investment.

“Outdoor, the oldest medium, has now become the newest. Adshel, in particular, has seamlessly evolved with new technology that offers advertisers relevant and innovative ways to reach the always mobile, always connected consumer, and most importantly, on their terms” she added.

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