Adshel Continues To Shines Bright(er) In Winter Campaign

Adshel Continues To Shines Bright(er) In Winter Campaign

Adshel’s trade campaign to bring to light the necessity for brands and advertisers to stand out and ‘shine bright(er)’ during the winter months is still going strong, despite the chilly winter months which typically are times people discount out-of-home advertising.

With the end of summer and daylight savings, clients are potentially missing out on valuable exposure to audiences during peak evening commutes. In fact, this can be up to 32 per cent of the daily audience they are missing out on which essentially results in the same proportion of their advertising spend that is not being seen.

Emphasising the effects that winter has on the commuter journey, including changed behaviours and attitudes during the cooler, darker months, the ‘Shine Bright(er) with Adshel’ campaign urges advertisers to engage commuters (especially peak-hour commuters that represent over 32 per cent) by selecting Adshel as the perfect out-of-home partner on their media plans.

Adshel’s head of marketing Charlotte Valente said, “In order to deliver on the promise of enabling advertisers to ‘shine bright(er) with Adshel’, our suite of quality illuminated products ensures that brands are showcased with optimum quality everywhere, every time.”

The campaign already gave agency staff the chance to win illuminating experience at VIVID Sydney, including flights, five star accommodation, a VIVID harbour cruise and dinner at one of Sydney’s most iconic restaurants.

Valente added, “What’s more, Adshel has proved that we are effective and we are the perfect partner to any media schedule.”

Supporting the previously released Adshel Effect research that proved broadcast street furniture campaigns increase campaign effectiveness by as high as 89 per cent, the newly released findings support the value of running a broadcast street furniture campaign alongside other mediums – another way to ‘shine brighter’.

Key findings included:

TV: Running an Adshel street furniture campaign alongside a TV campaign increases purchase intent by 60 per cent on top of a TV campaign run on its own

ONLINE: Running an Adshel street furniture campaign alongside an online campaign increases intrigue by 38 per cent on top of an online campaign run on its own

RADIO: Running an Adshel street furniture campaign alongside a radio campaign increases loyalty by 29 per cent on top of a radio campaign run on its own

PRINT: Running an Adshel street furniture campaign alongside a print campaign increases advocacy by 28 per cent on top of a print campaign run on its own

Valente said of the research, “The launch of Adshel’s ‘Shine Bright(er) with Adshel’ campaign demonstrates our commitment to show advertisers the true value of Adshel’s portfolio of product solutions to light up their messages.

“The campaign, backed up by the findings from one of our most ambitious research studies to date, proves how with our assets we can collaboratively work with other media to give advertisers the best results.”

This research is the second in a series of releases as part of one of the most extensive research and insights projects Adshel has ever taken. You can find more information here.

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