Adam Ferrier Told Young Strategists To F*ck Off…

Adam Ferrier Told Young Strategists To F*ck Off…

…and then continued with some of the most life-changing career advice they’d ever been given. Listen to what he told them below.

A balmy day, and about thirty degrees when Max Learmont and I (Vince Usher) entered the Beresford pub to record episode three of our new strategy and creative podcast ‘Son Of A Pitch’.

We locked eyes with Adam, sitting on a sticky beer-soaked couch with a scowl on his mug, like a character from a medieval bar scene. Considering we were already sh*tting our dacks being there, it wasn’t a great sign.

Nervously, we set up the recording gear and started our interview by asking ‘weirdo to weirdo’ how to survive the axe of the industries’ least interesting people whilst attempting to push against dumb agency convention.

Instantly Adam’s eyes lit up, and the wonderful advice started to flow. Turns out helping idiots like us is the favourite part of his job.

Just a taste of what you can expect from the podcast series recorded to glean insights from the world’s best strategists and creatives.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there…

The Son Of A Pitch podcast gives a minds-eye view of each guest’s unique way of thinking through problems and creative solutions revealed through a problematic brief (some, surprisingly taken on the fly…)

To hear the deep bellow of Leif Stromnes prophetically tackle a case for weed legalisation in Australia or Jason Lonsdale of Ogilvy New York muse on a post-ironic revival of 90’s shoe cum rollerblade phenomena ‘Heelys’, is easily worth the price of admission, which is, of course, free.

Get acquainted with Son Of A Pitch’s three flagship episodes available today and released weekly on Itunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Have a listen to Adam Ferrier’s advice here.

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