A Vomiting Woman The Star Of These Sweet IKEA Spots

A Vomiting Woman The Star Of These Sweet IKEA Spots

Ever get your IKEA purchase home only to realise it looks nothing like it did in-store? Well, according to a trio of new ads for the brand, you’re not alone.

IKEA Norway has just released the cute spots alongside the tag “Life is not an IKEA catalogue”.

What appears your typically styled IKEA commercial is quickly given a far more human element via a woman vomiting, a dog urinating on the bedroom floor and the aftermath of a teenager’s party.

The work is by creative agency Try Oslo and, puke aside, also does a top job at showcasing the brand’s budget style.

Check out the work below, but B&T does warn the vomit scene may be uncomfortable for those with a weak stomach.

Commenting on the work, IKEA’s head of marketing communication, Annika Mørch Asté, said: “Sure, it’s a bit rough to see our products on TV covered in vomit and dog pee. But life isn’t always neat and tidy, so we think it’s great that the campaign can reflect just that.

Celin Kjenslie, country marketing manager at IKEA Norway, added: “With this campaign, we wanted to showcase the more honest sides of life at home and how our products are designed to withstand daily life. Good design does more than just look great in a catalogue.”



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