A Puddle Is Now Famous In England After Agency Periscopes It

A Puddle Is Now Famous In England After Agency Periscopes It

Proving anything can become an internet sensation, a puddle in England has become the new ‘it’ thing as thousands of Twitter users stay glued to a screen watching said puddle.

The puddle in Newcastle upon Tyne is being live-streamed on Periscope by marketing agency Drummond Central.

The live stream was reportedly set up by Drummond Central for the staff’s own amusement. It seems to have caught the amusement of thousands of other people on the net however, according to The Independent.

At the time of publication, the Periscoped puddle had 630,230 hearts and 4718 followers.

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Indeed, we at B&T may have been mesmerised for a few minutes as we watched puddle-passersby try to negotiate how to get past the pool of water.

Drummond Central’s copywriter, Steve Wilkes, told The Guardian he’d suggested to the team to set up an iPhone and live-stream it, after watching people for a few days try and tackle the puddle.

“It got a lot of attention locally and then, mid-afternoon, it just exploded,” he told The Guardian. “We’ve used Periscope before, but it’s never been like this.

“All I can say is, god bless the internet.”

Predictably, a hashtag #DrummondPuddleWatch is flocking the Twittersphere as people comment on other people’s ability to get around a puddle.

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