RAPP Sydney launches blood donor push

RAPP Sydney launches blood donor push

RAPP Sydney has launched a new campaign to encourage Aussies to donate blood through the Red Cross Blood Service.

The campaign, called ‘It’s what we do’, includes TVCs, press, radio and digital, launched on Sunday.

Alyson Pearce, national marketing and community relations director at the Red Cross Blood Service, said: “The reality today is that one in three people you meet will need blood in their lifetime. Giving blood is one of the most altruistic things you can do and as a nation with an enormous sense of community and mateship, we need to bring attention to the need for regular blood donations.

“With this new creative strategy, we want to normalise – but not trivialise – giving blood, by aligning it with something Australians do almost without question – helping people who need a hand. The intent of the campaign is basically to inspire social change.”

Simone Blakers, managing director at RAPP, said: “Our social listening indicated there were many factors contributing to why people don’t think about donating, including a lack of ownership of the problem, time constraints, fear of the process and a perception around eligibility of being an appropriate donor.

“We feel this new campaign will achieve great results and remove barriers to donating by normalising the process, with the hope of attracting 100,000 new donors this year.”


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