'Mass' will be buried in a mass grave in 2014

'Mass' will be buried in a mass grave in 2014

Marketing success next year will come from individual experiences created at scale, as Bob Garfield surmises “‘Mass’ is headed for a mass grave”.

The advertising and marketing analyst effectively summarises the trends shared by 20 of the world’s most influential marketers in report compiled by Responsys.

“‘Mass’ is headed for a mass grave. Reach will be ever more out of reach. The future, and the present, requires aggregating individual relationships at scale. Just like, whaddya call it…life,” Garfield said.

Marketers featured include American Express’ director of word of mouth, Augie Ray, McKinsey’s marketing and sales practice partner, David Edelman and the Mobile Marketing Association’s Greg Stuart.

Social media will be viewed not as a silo, but companies will see themselves as social businesses and organisations will release that content is broader than just a marketing tool.

With more mobile devices around the world than humans next year, Mobile Marketing Association’s CEO Greg Stuart, said 2014 will be a tipping point in mobile marketing.

“Marketing’s seismic shift to mobile will only intensify as marketers reimagine their infrastcuture and break down silos to ensure that mobile is no longer an afterthought but the first thought when mapping out a consumer experience,” he said.

“Nothing gets marketers closer to consumers than mobile.”

For more 2014 predictions from the Responsys' report click here. 

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