Fake women’s magazine Reductress is rebranding

Fake women’s magazine Reductress is rebranding

‘Do I have the right posture when I’m pooping?’ is one of the many questions aiming to be answered by the redesign of fake women’s magazine Reductress on April 28.

Reductress is a fake women’s magazine, putting a parody-type spin on articles read by women every day.

Likened as a feminist version of The Onion, the satirical magazine was founded by bloggers Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo.

“We have a very specific idea of the Reductress woman,” Newell said on the magazine’s About Us section. “She’s smart, sassy, and deep. Just like us.”

Pappalardo agrees. “She’s an everyday woman but also incredibly unique. She follows fashion trends, yet forges her own path.”

According to Gaby Dunn from The Daily Dot, the magazine is “a fantastic, sad, and much-needed look at the way the media talks down to women, convincing us we need products we don’t and playing on our every insecurity”.

Check out the redesign below.

 ‘Five car words to use when talking to your mechanic’ is just one of the many parody articles on fake women’s news magazine Reductress.

According to the article, using words such as ‘cruise control’ and ‘manual transmission’ will make you seem as if you know exactly what you’re talking about.

Other articles on the site include, ‘5 ways to take back that racist thing you just said’, ‘Confessi0on: I get sad when I think about sad things’, and the ‘Top 10 cities to meet men who still live with their parents’.

If you're not sure what Reductress is, have a look below.

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