Experiment to turn 'noise' into a visual ends in rebrand

Experiment to turn 'noise' into a visual ends in rebrand

Sydney-based sound house Noise has collaborated with the advertising and design community to refashion its brand with a new identity “constructed from its own sound”.

Noise engaged The Monkeys’ art director Paul Sharp and Like Minded Studios’ designer Luca Ionescu in an attempt to turn noise into a visual sign for the sound house.

The team pumped the sound of the word ‘noise’, which had been recorded by different team members, through a range of different materials to create different visuals.

The best visuals were then combined to create “soundflakes” which were then animated for online.

Ionescu said: “It was great that we could experiment with those different powders and liquids and everything had its own way of reacting to the audio. The great thing that we can walk away with from it all is the fact that we’ve got this really beautiful, unique visual language that we can apply to all facets of the branding.”

Bruce Heald, creative director of Noise, said: “We discovered a certain beauty in the movement of the material being subjected to sound. With the company mark being based around an idea rather than a static design, we felt that animating the soundflakes was the perfect way to both link them all together as well as represent the inspiration of their origins.”


To see the experiment click here.

Credits: client Noise, typographer Luca Ionescu, art director and creative consultant Paul Sharp, Noise creative director Bruse Heald, noise sound designer Kathleen Burrows, video director Toby Morris, DOP Simon Morris, additional footage Jack Hambling, noise communications manager Laura Clarke, production manager Erin Watson, web designer Dave Rennick. 

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