Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

VW Creates an Ad Viewable when Fast Forwarded

80% of people who digitally record TV shows fast forward the ads. VW in Belgium have created a simple solution – a ‘Slowmercial’. Watch the ad in fast forward and the ad appears somewhat like a print ad. At regular speed, the roof of the VW beetle slowly comes down whilst a voiceover explains the ad.

Evolving Video Clip Made from Vine Videos

It was only a matter of time before something cool was made using Vine’s six-second looping videos. Three UK agency chaps Peter Browse, Caleb Al-Jorani and Joe Koprowski have created what they describe as an “evolving music video”. Called, the site plays a tune and puts together a video created by real time Vine searches of the lyrics as they are sung.

Video Recording Helmet is a Blackbox for Cyclists

Texas based app studio Chaotic Moon have created a helmet which is essentially a blackbox for cyclists. Called the Helmet of Justice, the helmet contains seven cameras positioned to give a 360-degree view and begins recording at the moment of impact for up to two hours.

Mindreading Headphones Create Playlists

What if your headphones could scan your brain to work out what you wanted to hear? This exists, albeit in prototype form. Neurowear have developed Mico Headphones which have an electroencephalograph sensor built in to scan brain patterns and determine your mood. The information is then relayed to your smartphone’s MP3 player and an appropriate song is selected and played.

Facebook Improves Ad Targeting with ‘Lookalikes’

With the recent announcement of ‘Lookalikes’, Facebook ad targeting just got a little better. Working from the custom audience tool, which allows brands to upload their database of users and serve ads to them on Facebook, Lookalikes allows you to take a user, then find and target people that are similar.

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