Yes, It’s Utterly Crap Mother’s Day Campaigns Just For Mum!

Yes, It’s Utterly Crap Mother’s Day Campaigns Just For Mum!

Mother’s Day is always a dangerous idea: It’s now Dad’s responsibility to organise the gifts! So to help navigate the minefield, B&T has put together a list of how brands have failed in the past to capture that Mother’s Day market.

According to IBISWorld, Australians spent an estimated $1.4 billion on Mother’s Day- an increase of 2.9 per cent from 2013. The average spend was $63.61 on your mum.

However some brand’s efforts to appeal to Mother’s Day shoppers has backfired. Take these marketing campaigns for example:


Spain’s Mother’s Day is on the 4th May, in 2014 a Spanish fashion brand Desigual released an ad showing a woman poking holes in condom. She just really wanted to have a child for Mother’s Day!

Desigual stated on their blog that: “Piercing a condom can be an ode to motherhood. A symbol. A metaphor.” Desigual argued that the ad was meant to be “funny and taken lightheartedly…an invitation to dream, to fight for what we want and to make our own decisions.”

In reply to the outrage, the frames in which the woman is using the pin for the TVCs were removed.


What a fantastic deal, bring your mum to Hooters on Mother’s Day and she’ll eat for free! Because that is what every mum wants on her special day: watching sports, drinking beer and looking at boobs. Wait a minute.

Maraya Bell, from blog Stuff Mums Like: “Don’t get mum something that you really want. She doesn’t want a box of Lego, a new Disney princess doll… Or that new cordless drill you saw at Bunnings!”

Plastic Surgery

An American plastic surgeon site says: Mother’s Day is a great reminder of how wonderful mum is. Mum is a title that is earned with a lot of work and sacrifice. Sagging breast and bulging tummies are no longer necessary part of motherhood. Restoring your figure may take more than exercise and a healthy diet. The ‘Mummy Makeover’ can bring you back better than ever.”

Marney Rackley, from Marns The Mama: Don’t get mum “a gym membership….or anything cleaning related!”

Penguin Books

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Pengiun Books have launched a strange Twitter campaign with the hashtag #YourMum. Of course, the Twit universe has hijacked #YourMum with some fantastically rude jokes.

The original posts:

Twitter’s brilliant response:

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