Why Adland Needs To Cultivate The Millennials

Why Adland Needs To Cultivate The Millennials

Because we have a special spot for the up and comers in the industry – like the ones who stand out in the B&T 30 Under 30 Awards – we had a chat with some of our fabulous judges for the awards to find out why the under 30s are so valuable.

“They are obviously the future of the industry, so they’re vital,” said Graham Christie, CEO of mobile group Big Mobile.

“Marketing as a discipline is always at risk of homogeny. These entrants should be the ones showing the rest of us the paths to explore.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Mary Ann Azer , executive director of the Magazines Publishers of Australia. “Young talent is the future of the industry. No talent equals no future.”

It makes sense, as these guys will move up the workforce, and brands are already becoming attuned to them.

They’re the generation that has seen big brands team up to gather insights, the ones to watch if you want to know where retail is heading and even the group where massive magazines known for their nudity curb the skin to appeal to them.

Whether they’re brand new to the industry or have been there since they were teens, Nicole McInnes, marketing director of music streaming site Pandora, said collaborating on different levels of experience can breed new ideas.

“Collaboration between experience and lack thereof, is ripe for supercharging growth,” she said, although noted that if they don’t listen and learn from tenure and experience if can hurt them in the long run.

And in agency land, Imagination’s director Heath Campanaro said they’re the lifeblood of the agency.

“They are energetic, enthusiastic, smart, connected and seem so much ‘better’ at their age than I feel my generation was.

“It’s always a wake-up call for senior leaders as I feel we need to work so much harder to stay a step ahead. It’s very encouraging for the future of our industry, and Australia, to see so much potential rising through the ranks – both agency and client side.”

If you’re reckon you’ve got what it takes to be on the list of our next B&T 30 Under 30 winners, entries are still open right here.

And if you’re not sure how to structure your application, the judges also gave their views on what they’re looking for – and what they’re not looking for! – in entrants.

We at B&T would like to say a massive thank you to The Newspaper Works for being able to put this on, and the rest of our wonderful sponsors.

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